On Monday, 11 December 2023, Cinello organized a meeting with the artists to celebrate the launch of the CINELLO UNLIMITED platform. The event was held at the Cinello headquarters in Florence, in Via Dei Calzaiuoli. The cradle of Renaissance art hosted three new talents of contemporary digital art: SodLab Studio, Francesco Allegretti and Giulio Aprin. Their works were presented in the form of the innovative DAW® (Digital Artwork) technology, which makes them unique and unrepeatable. Cinello will organize other meetings with artists in 2024 in Cinello's Milan and Florence offices, welcoming all the art enthusiasts! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.


Cinello, Firenze


From 11/12/2023
To 11/12/2023

Artworks in exhibition

Sodlabstudio (Luca Baldocchi) - Simone Bertolotti (WhiteStudio 2.0) The Thinker
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Francesco Allegretti PAHIA 01
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Francesco Allegretti PAHIA 02
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Francesco Allegretti PAHIA 03
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Giulio Aprin Between Darkness and Light
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