Giulio Aprin Between Darkness and Light


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720 x 430 mm


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N 19.451975° W 12.818301° In the vast desert, a weary traveler navigates the unforgiving terrain, shadows accentuating the challenges etched on his face. As the sun descends, a transformative scene unfolds the harsh landscape softens into warm hues. The lone figure, resilient in isolation, reaches a dune's summit to witness a breathtaking sunset. This poignant image captures the delicate balance between struggle and serenity, symbolizing the transformative power of perseverance. The interplay of shadows and light becomes a metaphorical oasis, offering a moment of peace, closure, and the promise of a new dawn amid life's challenging journey.

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Giulio Aprin began to be passionate about photography at an early age. Photography as well as the camera have been part of his individual growth since the age of five. During high school he found himself documenting the student protests that swept the country, up to the events of 15 October 2011 in Rome for the Indignados demonstration. Those years undoubtedly marked his direction and the commitment to document the relationship between events, places and people. This led him to study documentary filmmaking in London to pursue a Journalistic career. The following years took him, however, along different paths. Today Giulio is an adventure photographer, an explorer and storyteller who captures the mystery, complexity, diversity, and raw power of the natural world. He likes to capture unimaginable beauty and even resurrects worlds long lost to the human eye. Passionate about remote places he spent the last 6 years exploring desert regions of the planet such as the Wadi Rum Desert, the Namib Desert, the Sahara Desert, travelling from the Gulf countries to Jordan, from Namibia to Mauritania. Giulio is the founder and writer of

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