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700 x 390 mm


Native Digital

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Project carried out in New Zealand, (winter of 2023) in the bays of the North Island.
The intent is to render, through photography, a universal and iconic image, almost to be easily misunderstood, we could be in America, or any other country.
The shot is intended to impress with a creative and anilitic look the relationship between light and dark aim to be surreal and of a strongly cinematic composition.
Places and situations produced by a script conceived for the occasion: Photographs processed and illuminated by making use of professional backgrounds familiar with the production of photo-cinematographic sets , using professional equipment and techniques, the same ones used for commissioned works from advertising agencies to communication agencies, from national and international magazines to record companies ect ....
The creation of realistic landscapes interpenetrate with human figures suspended in space waiting to be read and almost heard. I believe that the great quality, the most important quality, to which a photographer should strive, is precisely that of capturing the universal in the particular.

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FRANCESCO ALLEGRETTI, Born in Milan, studies art and initially specializes in graphic design, collaborates with publishing titles, ( R.C.S. Corriere della Sera, Condè Naste, Mondadori ect ...).
He becomes a journalist in the early 90', however, his artistic inclination led him to another art form in the years to come, photography.
He works for fashion, portraits, advertising campaigns and art projects.
His interest in communication also brings him closer to video.
He currently lives in Milan but has worked in many parts of the globe.

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