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In San Francesco Cremonese, the Lombard master offers us an intimate vision of meditative introspection that touches those levels of artistic lyricism that are difficult to approach.
There is no desire to break the Caravaggesque tradition in this obsequious homage, but rather the modern continuity.
In his work, Sodlab inserts the element of the cross inspired by that of the Church of Light by Tadao Ando, built in Osaka in 1989.
Caravaggio's St. Francis becomes the artist's avatar equipped with the wings of thought, a characteristic common to the Lombard genius.
The skull, a tribute to Orozco's creation, and the book are tools that do not represent mere quotation but which, albeit in the vortex of our contemporaneity, invite us to a more calm and firm reflection on our lives.

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Luca Baldocchi was born in Cremona on 04-12-1986 and graduated from the E.Beltrami accounting school in 2004.

After obtaining his high school diploma, he attended the three-year courses of the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, delving into issues related to the design of interiors and the history of international design.

Subsequent experience took him to London for a postgraduate course at Escape Studios where he he delves into techniques related to visual effects and the use of the most up-to-date software in the field.

Once the London experience is over, he returns to Italy working in Milan for studio20miglia where he gives application to the studio experiences previously gained by engaging in the realization of interior projects.

The Milanese working path lasted 4 years leads him to frame himself as a freelancer having as clients: Baglioni Hotels, Louis Vuitton, Vertual, BSH group, Nemo lighting, Loop design, Studio Luca Guadagnino, B&B Italia , Saporiti Italia, Axis communications, Redfish design studio, Smoking mirror, Bea Bongiasca, Wonder, Coynco, Attila&Co, Studio Nucleo, Make it perfect, TOD'S, Valentino, SKS kitchen LG, Versace.

From 2020 he began to apply his knowledge of international design history by creating artwork that have as a thematic line the creation of timeless interiors in which he inserts anthropic figures of the future.

His first solo exhibition was in May 2021 at the prestigious Antichità Mascarini gallery in Cremona where he presented his very first creations in dialogue with the gallery's environments specializing in ancient art.

Reduced by the success of this exhibition, he enters the orbit of Forbes, which in April 2022 identifies him as one of the most innovative artists in the international panorama of NFT creation. This is followed by numerous publications in Italian and international trade magazines of the caliber of Interni, Le monde, Elle Decoration.

In May 2022 he opened a second solo exhibition in the 15th-century spaces of PQV fine art in Cremona, the gallery that currently represents him, exhibiting his latest collection with a talk dedicated to him featuring the prestigious intervention of the director of the world-famous DOMUS magazine. November 11, 2022 sees him starring at the institutional level with the exhibition Dialogues held at the Ala Ponzone Civic Art Gallery where, in the Hall of Columns, he created 4 works in dialogue with the 4 masterpieces of the museum collection: the Caravaggio, the Genovesino, the Campi and the Arcimboldo.

He is currently working on the development of creative projects that also feature him at the international level.

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