Luciana Florio e Okytomo Vista de Ventana


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529 x 941 mm


Native Digital

historical period

Contemporary Art

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Mirando por la ventana, junto a vos congeló este instante para siempre "Vista de Ventana" captures the peaceful, yet post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the coast of Argentina's Nahuel Huapi river. A mysterious object in the corner is softly lit and veiled, inviting the viewer to wonder about its meaning. From the window, the beauty of nature can be seen, and a house on the opposite side adds to the artwork's intrigue. Who is the observer, and who is being observed?

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Luciana is a digital artist who creates 3D art that reflects emotional and personal experiences and seeks to capture a sense of realism and materiality.

Her work is driven by an abstract concept and aims to allow viewers to feel its presence and explore its dimensions. As an emerging artist, she is building a personal aesthetic that is uniquely her own, experimenting with different styles and tools to develop virtual sculptures through the use of computer software or VR sculpting. Influenced by her design career, Luciana brings a unique perspective to her art, merging her professional vision with personal experiences to create materialities that enter into a simulated tension.

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