Sasha Stiles The wind on my lips and in my hair


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1010 x 610 mm



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A meditation on the relationship between nature and technology, this transhuman koan is comprised of a line of generative poetry co-authored by Technelegy – the AI alter ego Stiles has been developing and writing with since 2018 – and a ReGenerative Poem, in which sunlight, trees and wind collaborate to compose a moving page.

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Sasha Stiles, a Harvard and Oxford graduate, resides near New York City. She is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, language artist, and AI researcher, exploring the intersection of text and technology, and is known for her pioneering experiments with generative literature and blockchain poetics. In late 2021, Stiles released her debut book, Technelegy, co-authored by a custom AI-powered text generator; the book probes how technology has made us more and more human over time, and explores both the exhilaration and danger of our intimate relationship with the digital. Praised by Ray Kurzweil, among others, Technelegy serves as a touchstone for Stiles' ongoing investigations of the posthuman. A co-founder of theVERSEverse, a web3 gallery and writers' collective, Stiles showcases her multidimensional, transdisciplinary pieces in physical and virtual exhibitions worldwide. Her vision for the future of poetry goes beyond the literary and artistic to encompass the role that linguistic innovations have always played in the development of human consciousness, and the augmentation of human imagination.

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