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"Suite morandienne" is a project started in 2022 and realized using mainly a Polaroid camera on 600 film.
The photographs are an homage to Morandi's atelier, a place often immortalized by great masters of the 20th century. The idea of this series of fifty Polaroids is to create an imaginary, nonexistent place, reinterpreting my relationship with the painter according to my vision. Through the use of photography, manipulating the images in a painterly way and then returning to photography, I create a cycle in which the image is enlarged and generates a new composition.
In the creative process of "Suite morandienne," I work through syncretisms to arrive at the final image. I use a combination of analog and digital media, experimenting with different manipulations and transformations of the image. The final image may be on a different medium than the initial photographic shot, which may be atypical for traditional photography, considering there Polaroid 600 as a negative. This process of exploration and experimentation allows me to transform and reinvent the original image in a unique way. "

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Jean-Marie Reynier, is a French artist residing in Switzerland.
Born in Lugano in 1983, he studied at CSIA. After a year at Brera in Milan, he moved to French Switzerland to work as a burinist and printmaker at l'atelier in St-Prex. He obtains a diploma from the Geneva Fine Arts with a specialization in Critical, Curatorial, Cybermedia.
Over the years he has worked as an artist, critic, and curator both domestically and abroad. His work is exhibited in institutions, galleries and fairs. He is represented for Switzerland by the Aarlo u Viggo gallery.
Jean-Marie has never denied himself the freedom to range between different techniques and languages, both plastic and theoretical, curatorial, editorial and critical.
He is present in such important collections as the Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati collection in Lugano, the collection of the Republic and Canton of Ticino, and multiple private collections.
Jean-Marie ensures that he lives an exemplary life.

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