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600 x 600 mm



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“To be with you or not to be with you is the only way we have to measure time”

Marie Piselli’s sculpture, “OUI A LA VIE” (YES TO LIFE), acts as a talisman and symbolizes a soothing, magical new beginning in the post-COVID era. It serves as a bridge from wonder to action, inspiring harmony between humans and nature. OUI A LA VIE is like a symphony, reconciling us with our environment and the universal forces that dominate, nourish, and protect us. Marie’s first digital work, “AURORA” from the OUI CLOCK series challenges the traditional notion of time by focusing on qualitative rather than quantitative measures. It is no longer about seconds, minutes, or hours, but about a moving, invigorating, unique emotional moment where one is alone and together, closely knit, all alike but different. The time unit here is the power of shared emotional moment. It represents the depth, the quality of imagination that opens the door to creation. This piece is not only a powerful visual spectacle but also a poignant reminder of the importance of shared experiences and emotions to meet the need for a Renaissance in our society in full reconstruction. This innovative, one-of-a-kind time measurement leads us towards an intrinsic reflection that generates Peace, respect for the planet, and hope in humanity. OUI CLOCK guides us towards another definition of ourselves that each will define freely outside the dictates of society that alienate us. Like a labyrinth of renewal, OUI CLOCK takes us towards a new reality to invent. By deconstructing the past, it indicates the time of a future full of unprecedented promises."

OUI CLOCK | AURORA at Design Miami in Basel, June 10 to 16, Messe Basel.

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Marie Piselli, a multidisciplinary visual artist with boundless horizons, will unveil her first digital work at Design Miami. Coming from the world of "traditional" art, she easily embraces the digital, thereby enriching her artistic expression. Her transition from the traditional realm to design has already been marked by bold metamorphoses, such as the reinterpretation of her monumental sculpture Burin into a bench and a lamp. Now, she dives into the digital world, offering her audience a new artistic dimension. In this era of artistic innovation, Marie Piselli commits to staying at the forefront of creativity. Her ambitious projects lead her towards generative art, promising an unprecedented immersive experience for viewers.

Curio Exhibitor | Design Miami In Basel | 2022 Design At Large | Design Miami in Basel | 2024

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