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600 x 600 mm


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Originating from personal analog fish works - 2D sketches and ceramic (potteryGAN) tiles decorated with sgraffito and silkscreen, transformed through scripted chain of AI models to create final 2.5D image invoking quality of clay tile decorated with printmaking techniques - playing with the subversion of physical materials.

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"The psychologist Daniel E. Berger claims the most important aspects of art are “novelty, surprise, complexity, ambiguity and eccentricity”, Sarin’s GAN artworks have all five in abundance.” - wrote Unit London in 2019. Visual artist, software engineer and maker (she calls herself an engineering artist) Helena Sarin has always worked with cuttingedge technologies for tech companies. At the same time, she has done commission work in watercolor and pastel, as well as in the applied arts like fashion, food, and drink styling and photography. But art and software ran as parallel tracks in her life, all her art being analog, until she discovered GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). Since then generative models became her primary medium - creating at the intersection of technology and art elevated her artistic voice. She is a frequent speaker at ML/AI conferences, delivering invited talks at MIT, Eyeo Festival, Library of Congress, Capitol One, Adobe Research, CMU, TEDx Konstanz. Her artwork was exhibited at AI Art exhibitions in Zurich, Dubai, Oxford, Shanghai, Miami, Zaragoza, Lutz, and was featured in a number of publications including twice in the magazine “Art In America.”, as well as books “Crypto Art - Begins” by Rizzoli and “On NFT” by Taschen. She published an artist book “The Book of GANesis” that was immediately sold out; “GANcommedia Erudita” and “Leaves of Manifold” have been exhibited in the Nvidia AI Art Gallery, and just recently “The Book of #veGAN”. In the last couple years her main focus has been on generative pottery, what she calls #potteryGAN. She has been engaged with crypto art since early 2020 and since then became the one of the top artists on Foundation and SuperRare marketplaces. Helena resides in the NJ suburbs with a rescue dog named Cumin, three GPUs and husband.

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