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"Liquid Blue Digital" by Valentinaki are the digital artworks that transport us to a dancing ocean, shrouded in a halo of mystery. Its shades of deep blue capture us, hypnotizing us in a whirlwind of emotions.
The artist, Valentina, masterfully depicts the chromatic evolution inspired by the theory of "Liquid Modernity" by Zygmunt Bauman, creating a world in constant motion. The waves and movements represent the lability of life itself, inviting us to adapt to the challenges it presents to us. In this majestic liquid, we discover surprises and ever-new facets that lie beneath the surface. This artistic creation invites us to reconsider our relationship with time and space, in a continuum in which past and present merge, opening the door to new perspectives.
However, this fluidity can generate anxiety and uncertainty, but the enveloping blue of Valentinaki embraces us, turning liquidity into a creative opportunity. We immerse ourselves in this sea of emotions, letting ourselves be carried away by the deep breath of its blue.

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Valentina Kovalishina, known as Valentinaki, is a Latvian-born artist who has developed a unique style of abstract painting. Born in Riga in 1985, Valentinaki's artistic journey began begun with experiments in watercolor before studying pastel under the guidance of Valeria Shuvalova in Latvia. However, it was only after moving to Italy in 2009 that she discovered her true vocation as an artist. Here she learned the art of oil painting under the guidance of the renowned Florentine figurative oil painting artist, Giusy Boncinelli.
Valentinaki's art reflects her unique vision of the natural world. She is particularly drawn to the oyster shell, which she sees as a symbol of imperfect perfection and is the main subject of her creations. Her abstract paintings feature easily recognizable natural forms, all inspired by her deep love and respect for the most tangible elements of the planet: nature, the sea and water. Through her art, Valentinaki hopes to raise awareness of the urgent need for sustainable practices and inspire viewers to take action to preserve our planet for future generations. Her artistic style is based on abstractionism and is dedicated to maintaining a balance and coherence between poetic and aesthetic taste through the observation of matter in its simplicity.
Valentinaki has participated in numerous projects both in Italy and abroad, receiving particular attention for her site-specific installations in historic places. Her works have been exhibited in public and private places, including the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in San Celso in Milan (Italy), the Castle of Vigevano in Vigevano (Italy), the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples (Italy), the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in Milan (Italy) and the Palazzo del Pegaso in Florence (Italy).
Valentina Kovalishina is also the founder of The Baltic Vibe, a project founded in 2022 with the the goal of promoting Baltic culture abroad. The project aims to showcase the unique artistic and cultural heritage of the Baltic countries, including Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Through exhibitions, performances and other events, The Baltic Vibe aims to bring Baltic culture to a wider audience and promote cultural exchange between the Baltic countries and the rest of the world.

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