When Art Meets Technology: A Fresh Museum Experience

When Art Meets Technology: A Fresh Museum Experience

What are DAW®s, and how does digitisation change the way we engage with art? Digital culture has become increasingly contemporary, with new technologies infiltrating every aspect of our lives. Cinello introduces a never-before-seen artistic experience through the digitisation of historical art masterpieces.


One of the defining trends of our era is digitisation, marking the gradual yet often disruptive shift from an analogue to an almost entirely digital world. Like most major technological revolutions that reshape historical periods, this is an unstoppable mega-trend, progressively influencing our lives, habits, and society, especially in the Western world. With all the aspects that a revolution of this magnitude can entail, beginning with the resistance naturally encountered when facing the surge of an apparently unstoppable tide and the concrete socio-economic issues that may arise with the emergence of a potential new economic model.


This phenomenon occurs in all types of revolutions, whether technological, cultural, economic, or political. People seek to break free from the past, regardless of the means.


Whether art pieces are considered relics of the past or timeless classics, they primarily serve as testaments to human ingenuity, embodying creative expressions transcending the confines of time and historical contingencies.

When this convergence of modernity and history takes place, and new technologies become instrumental in preserving past masterpieces, a sort of dialectical synthesis emerges, ultimately upholding art and the essence of humanity.


This is the aspiration pursued by Cinello through DAW® - Digital ArtWork: the creation of unique, digitally certified copies of ancient, modern, and contemporary artistic masterpieces. These editions are produced in limited quantities, numbered and authenticated. They maintain a 1:1 scale with the original artworks, are non-reproducible, and feature digital encryption protection.


The goal is to enhance the value of art by offering a digital edition that anyone can conveniently access. It's essential to avoid labelling these works as mere copies, as they represent unique products faithfully reproducing the essence of the original artwork, providing an experience akin to direct interaction. Each edition is assigned a unique number, ensuring its exclusivity.


Entering the world of DAW® - Digital Artwork means obtaining the same assurances and purchasing experience as one would with traditional artwork. It successfully combines modern art appreciation with the world of art itself.


The spirit of art is not altered in any way, and the new technologies are used here as tools to support an innovation of enjoyment. What is interesting, then, is the use of modernity at the service of history, so that the past and the future, the cycles of time and the contingencies of the present do not clash, but fit into the broader context of a humanistic vision.