Cinello: bottega of the future (and of the present). Exploring Digital Native Artwork and Potential Future Advancements

Cinello: bottega of the future (and of the present). Exploring Digital Native Artwork and Potential Future Advancements

Beyond mere digitisation of historical artworks, Cinello delves into the realm of genuine artistic creation, crafting native digital works. It explores the remarkable creative potential offered by cutting-edge technologies, becoming a conduit for human genius and imaginative expression.


It was Giotto, the great artist who lived at the turn of the 13th and 14th Centuries, who introduced one of the most important and disruptive techniques and inventions in the history of art: the use of perspective.


Giotto marked a genuine revolution in the realm of art, signifying a historical-artistic turning point. Despite belonging to the medieval period, Giotto's pioneering approach heralded the onset of the Renaissance era, causing a profound shift in artistic expression. From that moment onward, the flat schemes characteristic of the Middle Ages were left behind, and artists were compelled to embrace a newfound depth in their creative endeavours. This transformative influence resulted in the emergence of the Giottesque school, triggering a significant phenomenon where workshops adopted perspective as an essential and fundamental tool to be learned and embraced.


Change often occurs imperceptibly, driven by unique and brilliant intuitions. What remained valid for centuries might no longer hold true, demanding our adaptation to a perpetually evolving landscape, where time yearns for a new essence.


The history of art is full of great innovations, silent or riotous revolutions, more or less successful attempts to stop them, trains that no longer stop at the same station: one must ask oneself whether to insist on waiting in vain in the same place or to move on a little. Embracing the changes that are taking place, without fear.


Think of the importance of artistic movements such as Impressionism, Expressionism, and Fauvism in the history of art. To historical avant-gardes such as Cubism, Abstractionism, Surrealism, Dadaism, Metaphysics, Futurism, and contemporary conceptual art.


These artistic movements were born out of innovative intuitions and the desire to depict a distinct era with fresh perspectives or novel methods. Artists feel compelled to express themselves through unconventional forms, reflecting the spirit of their times. Simultaneously, they seek to evoke emotions from the past, employing new techniques to create a compelling narrative. These driving forces often lead to transformative changes in the artistic landscape.


Yet, the path of pioneers and innovators is not always flattering, especially in the short term. People tend to resist the unknown, harbouring a natural diffidence towards what they cannot readily comprehend, driven by fear or sheer inertia. Nevertheless, time marches on, impervious to resistance, and acts as the ultimate arbiter, impartially assessing the value of artistic works born from human ingenuity and talent.


Cinello stands among the fearless innovators in history, unafraid to revolutionise and disrupt the art world. The company introduced and patented Digital Art Works, unique certified digital copies of ancient, modern, and contemporary masterpieces. These creations are limited, numbered, and authenticated, on a 1:1 scale, making them non-reproducible and safeguarded by a patented digital encryption system. In preserving the essence of art, these digital works maintain the characteristics of uniqueness, originality, rarity, quality, and authenticity. The objective is to elevate artistic expression by offering a distinct and emotionally resonant experience through selling exclusive reproductions that can be cherished by anyone, evoking feelings akin to direct encounters with the original masterpieces.


Cinello's impact extends beyond creating a novel way to enjoy art. The company collaborates not only with prestigious Italian museums like the Uffizi but also with leading contemporary art created directly in digital format. This modern workshop becomes a hub for contemporary and future artists, fostering a potentially disruptive convergence of human creativity and technology.


The arrival of the digital in art is the vanguard of the new millennium. The new revolution. The new Giotto.