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930 x 1650 mm



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Rain on a window: this is energy
Browsing through a book: this is energy
Turning on a monitor: this is energy
The flow of a waterfall: this is energy
The sound of wind: this is energy
A flash of light in the dark of the night: this is energy

This and only this is energy

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He is a pioneer of video art in Italy and internationally. His works have been exhibited at the experimental pavilion of the 35th Venice Biennale of Art (1970) and at the subsequent 1972 edition. He has exhibited in numerous public spaces in Italy and abroad, including Palazzo Dei Diamanti in Ferrara (1975), Städtische Galerieim Lenbachhaus in Munich (1979), Internationaal Cultureel Centrum in Antwerp (1975-1978-1980) and Palais des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles (1975, 1983), Pompidou Center in Paris (1982). He lives and works in Venice and Mallorca.

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Fabrizio Plessi Collection