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430 x 720 mm


Native Digital

historical period

Contemporary Art

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In Matteo Mandelli's mesmerizing performance, "Infinity," tools become instruments of artistic revelation. With high-speed tools, Mandelli unveils surprises on screens, transcending expectations to reveal exclusive forms, even surprising the artist. The dance between artist and artwork echoes Concetto Spaziale di Fontana but catapults it into the digital age. Each cut is a deliberate incision, introducing unexpected dimensions. The performance, structured like a symphony of innovation, harmonizes creative and cutting hedge technological elements. Light and shadow, coupled with Mandelli's masterful technique, transform the artwork into a dynamic entity. "Infinity" challenges the audience to reconsider the limits of artistic expression—a testament to the unpredictable beauty when creativity meets technology.

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Meet Matteo Mandelli, the visionary Italian digital artist who orchestrates captivating performances that transcend the boundaries of conventional art. With a modern-day echo of Lucio Fontana's innovations, Mandelli transforms screens into portals where imagination harmonizes with pixels, and screens metamorphose into vibrant souls.

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