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Inspired by late Romanticism and Dutch paintings from '800, Bonapace captures the essence of the coronation of the great poet Homer while the court pays homage to him. References from pop, fashion and street art culture can be found around the scene, giving the picture an immortal sense of the passing time. This time capsule sounds like a rock opera on the notes of an ancient arp.

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Vittorio Bonapace is an award-winning Digital Artist, Scenographer and Art Director based in London. He combines 3D and Digital Painting and he loves telling stories through Art.
Trained in Stage and Production Design at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he worked for several years as a Scenic Artist and Painter with Maurizio Varamo for the "Opera di Roma" Lyric Theatre in Rome.
Interested in the world of Architectural Visualization and Digital Art he specialised as a 3D Artist in high-quality photographic renderings, combining his artistic background with Computer Graphics.
Always chasing beauty in all the artistic fields, he has covered the role of Art Director in several leading architectural visualization companies in London.
He is currently Art/Creative Director at his own studio "Bonapace Studio" in the borough of Hackney, London, exploring Digital Art and Digital Media. Featuring on Super Rare marketplace since June 2021.
His Work has been exhibited in the following Curated Exhibition:
01.03.2023: Beijing | Cafa | Dart Dynamic Art Museum
19.11.2022: London | Holy Heart Gallery
25.7.2022: Shenzhen Creative Week I Dart Milano
23.6.2022: New York Nft Exhibition - Times Square
31.5.2022: Liverpool Nft Exhibition. Curated by Amir Soleymani.
22.4.2022: 'Cognitive Awareness' Exhibition. Curated by Breezy Art
30.3.2022: 'Dart 2121 Second Edition. Nft Art Of The Future' Exhibition
1-3.3,2022: Miart 2022: I Art Innovation. Milano, Italy
31.1.2022: 'Digital Baroque: History Meets Algorithm' Exhibition - Curated by Petra Tomljanovic
9.12.2021: 'Metatopia' x The Wrong Biennale n.5 Exhibition
23.9.2021: 'Remix Me' - Collaboration with Hackatao x Makersplace
25.6.2021: 'Dystopian Visions'. Astecambi X SuperRare. Curated by Serena Tabacchi (MOCDA)

His Work was nominated in several Awards and publications. These include the following:
2022: Article publication on the magazine 'Fortune'.
2021: One Rendering Challenge 2021 by Architizer
2021: CGArchitect 3D Awards
2021: The Tomorrow Challenge 2021 - Finalist
2021: Featured Artist in 3Disciple | Magazine by Nigel Hunt
2021: Featured "Great Talks About Photo Realism" | book by Bogdan Sasu
2021: D2 Challenge "Digital Favelas" - Finalist
2020: CGArchitect 3D Awards Nomination/ Non-commissioned Image
2020: One Rendering Challenge 2020 by Architizer - Finalist
2020: D2 Challenge "The Lego Challenge"
2020: D2 Challenge "The Spaceman" - Finalist
2020: D2 Challenge "The Belly Of The Beast" - Finalist
2020: The Tomorrow Challenge 2020 - Finalist
2020: Evermotion Challenge - Finalist
2019: One Rendering Challenge 2019 by Architizer - Finalist
2018: Award-winning - Evermotion Callenge
2015: Winning Design Connected "Render It Black"
2020/2018/2017 /2015/2014: Best Of Treddi

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