Alessandro Pongan Brain Drain Green Tale


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480 x 480 mm


Native Digital

historical period

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Brain drain Tales is a cycle of works derived from a 3D digital work, the Brain Drain, which in the artist's production has also reached a physical state in the form of sculpture.
The three native digital works Brain Drain Tales form a triptych, creating a synergy between the text design, which hints at the title of the work, and the plastic colors chosen for each of the perspectives of the Brain proposed by the artist.
All in square format, in stroke, chromatic and graphic composition they cite the design of Rock LP covers from the 1960s-70s.

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Alessandro Pongan was born in La Spezia in 1963 and grew up between Spain, Italy and Brazil following his family's movements.
Back in Italy he settled in Milan where he trained in visual design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan after his scientific studies. Also in Milan, he founded his own professional studio, Officina Design, a multidisciplinary research laboratory still active today that led him to experiment with a wide variety of techniques and languages, from graphics to motion graphics and 3D animation (then in its infancy) and stop motion animation; from scenic design to video direction and production, to TV design. He conceived countless projects for important brands using the various disciplines or as creative director in the fields of communication, special events, international expos, TV.
In 2017 he began to devote himself more and more to artistic practice moving in a territory between digital environment and physical state. Totem project is an in-progress expression of this research and weaving of a poetic narrative where works are born digital to almost always reach the physical state in the form of sculpture, graffiti, installation, video projection, monumental work. Works that remain suspended in a middle dimension. He begins to create a world, his own imaginary iconographic religious alphabet, where symbolic figures and powerful archetypes follow one another and integrate. This is the case with the Prono cycle, a character capable of being declined in numerous guises without ever losing its narrative force, or the Ex Voto cycle. The techniques vary as much as the materials of which the works are composed. A short-circuit of ancient and contemporary disciplines together in an almost alchemical process. So digital works, also reproduced in fine-art print on various materials, lost-wax casting of bronze, concretized sand, nylon 3D printing, pigmented plaster layering, graffiti on plaster and MDF, tapestries, metal carpentry, up to monumental works where the natural living element takes over the artifact.

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Alessandro Pongan private Collection