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390 x 700 mm



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This work was conceived and created in 2021, digitally sculpted and 3D printed. The surface finish has a bronze powder coating on which a blue patina is created with products that trigger a chemical reaction just as would occur on a bronze sculpture. The work stops in an instant snapshot at the moment the spark of falling in love, the so-called lightning strike.

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Marcello Silvestre (b. 1977, Naples) is an Italian artist, designer, and architect. Silvestre obtained an architecture degree in 2004 and began his artistic career in 2015; having had consistent success in both areas.
He has used his interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in order to arrive at a holistic approach to his creative process as an artist. Since 2017, he collaborates with high fashion brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, in the design of pop-up stores and creative window displays.
His sculptural collections explore themes such as the relationship between man and the soul, the concept of time, the oneiric world of modern urban landscapes, and human spirituality. The artist expresses such complex themes through his particular use of form, figure and material.
As an architect, Marcello Silvestre won the competition for the Italian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, and for the extension of Liceo Farnesina in Rome. As an artist and designer, Silvestre won the “Targa d'Oro” at the Premio Arte 2018 which led him to exhibit his work “The invisible cities” at the Palazzo Reale of Milan.
His work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, as well as in art fairs such as Red Dot Miami (2019, with Espinasse31), Swiss Art Expo (2019, Zurich), BASE (2018, Milan), and DUCTAC (2015, Dubai)

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Marcello Silvestre Collection